Thursday, June 30, 2022

My 2022-2023 3 Season Gear

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a nice summer and getting out there as much as you'd like. This is just a quick post to give updates on the current state of my 3 season gear. I haven't changed much, but there is always fine tuning of small things and replacing of old/worn out things and such. And I don't expect to make any big changes in the near future either. I am generally very happy with my gear and have things dialed in just the way I like them, and it's been like that for several years now. 

For nearly a decade now, my BPW (base pack weight, all gear minus food, water, fuel, and other consumables) has hovered between 3-4kg/6.6-8.8lbs. Some trips slightly less, some trips slightly more, but these are the exception rather than the rule. Right now my BPW for roughly half of the year is about 3.6kg/7.9lbs. Before I link my gear list, the usual disclaimer: I'm still not sponsored, still no free gear, still no adverts on my blog, etc.

And here's a complete breakdown of my entire BPW on Lighter Pack:

My LP linked above also goes into detail about how I change things up for most of my trips, for example if it is slightly colder or much warmer. So this gear list, with some minor changes, covers the majority of my trips throughout the year from about early April to late October.

I do have a few small updates that I will make over the summer, but I don't think it will add any more than about 100g/3.5oz. I recently ordered a slightly larger first aid/repair kit bag. I just got sick of fiddling around with a smaller bag, plus my new one is in a vibrant red color so it's easier to find when I dig around my front pocket. 

I also upgraded my power bank to what is now the UL standard: the Nitecore NB10000 Quick-Charge. It should weight roughly the same as the one I use now, yet has more power and can quick charge. My old Anker won't go to waste however, as there's nothing wrong with it. So that will go to my oldest son, who's an avid Scout and outdoors enthusiast as well.

Yeah, that's about it. I haven't posted much about gear because I haven't really changed much, it's as simple as that. I am looking forward to trips for the rest of the year, and happy trails to all of you.  Peace!

*UPDATE 28/08/2022: I recently filmed a video where I show off and discuss my summer kit, and much of what you see remains in my 3 season kit as well. Check it out: