Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cesar's Updated Ultralight 1+ Season Gear List (2013)

Dedicated backpackers are often on the continual quest to put together a "better" set of gear, myself included.  I am constantly--and I consider this part of the backpacking process enjoyable unto itself--checking out gear reviews, trip reports, forums, etc. to gain more knowledge, tips, perspectives, modifications, etc. to the many aspects of both backpacking skills and gear.  Several months ago over the winter holidays I asked myself, after several years of transitioning and then becoming a UL, SUL, and even XUL backpacker: what would be your "dream list" of gear after everything you have learned and experienced?

What follows is the closest approximation of an answer to that question.  This year I have two big section hikes (each about 5 days) planned during my 1+ season (roughly May-September), and wanted to put together the best possible combination of gear for my goals and preferences.  Here is a fairly thorough breakdown of my completed gear list, and I will update this page with any changes to the list before I set out on my section hikes.