Monday, September 28, 2015

My Top 5 Favorite Newer Pieces of Gear: Follow-up Reviews and Reflections

Usual disclaimer: I am still not sponsored or get free gear.  Just some gear I love that I bought myself.

Another high season of wilderness backpacking is coming to a close for me.  Sure I get out every month of the year, if anything on day trips and the occasional overnighter, but I tend to get out more from generally May to September.  This time of year is also when I tend to take my longer section hikes.  Not that I don't like getting out during those other months!  A lot of it has to do with convenient vacation periods over the summer, and I find it's also easier to take last minute type trips when the weather is warmer.  

Give me about 10 minutes to change into my hiking outfit and throw my gear into my pack, and I can be ready to hit the trail on a sunny summer weekend.  Speaking of sunny, here's a few random pictures from my most recent section hike, which was last week.