Trail Guides

Here are some of the adventures I have been on that I also happen to have documented.  Full guides include trail guides and trip reports together, which not only explains how to hike a given trail and gives helpful info, but also includes my personal experience on the trail along with lots of pictures.

Nearly all of my trips are here in Sweden, and a good place to start if you've never been to Sweden before is to read a post I wrote concerning some general tips and more information on backpacking in Sweden.

Long Trail Guides: 

My Full Guide to Bohusleden

--Alternate side trail off Bohusleden: The Ed Loop

--Another side trail from Ed that goes through Halden, Norway

--Connection route from Ed to Pilgrimsleden Dalsland: The Dalsland Connection Route

My Full Guide to Bergslagsleden

My Full Guide to The European Long Distance Path 1 (E1) Trails in Sweden

My Full Guide to The Troll Trail/Trolleden, an alternate E1 Trail Sweden

--Plus here's my Shortened/In a Nutshell Guide to The Troll Trail/Trolleden

--Side trail through Halden, Norway

Other Random, Shorter Trail Guides/Trip Reports:

Mallorca, Spain, overnight SUL trip (summer 2011)

Lärkeskogsleden*, Alingsås, Sweden, overnight first XUL trip (summer 2012)

  * Note that this trail is no longer being maintained, and there are no future plans to do so either (more info here in Swedish).  So if you want to explore this trail, hike at your own risk--though for experienced backpackers, an abandoned trail can be a great experience that is literally off the beaten path.  You will need to buy a local map and it helps a lot to ask around with locals.

Local, unnamed trail outside of Göteborg, overnight trip turned long day trip (January 2013)

Father-son trips!  Just a quick reflection on an older father-son trip with my older son and a more recent trip with my younger son (July 2015).

Hyssnaleden (March 2016) 

Random, off-trail, overnight trip. (April 2016)

Bjursås Vildmarksleden (February 2017) 

Pilgrimsleden Dalsland (May 2017) 

The Edsleskog Loop (October 2017) 

Northern Dalsland: Tresticklan National Park and Torrskogsleden (May 2022) 

Some nice feedback about my guides:

07/09/2104 via email -- Hi Cesar, I am writing to say that have really enjoyed your blog, and to thank you for your tips and info. I have been in Sweden 3 weeks now, first hiking from Falkoping south to Ulricehamn, then west along sjuharadsleden to Göteborg, and your blog helped me a great deal.

I am currently heading south on Hallandsleden aiming for Malmo, in a vindskydd at äskhult, 10k southeast of Kungsbacka.

I am enjoying my hike in Sweden very much. It is my first time here but I will definitely return, and hopefully walk some other trails soon.

Thanks again for the blog. Keep up the good work.

Liverpool UK