Here are some texts that don't really fit into my other categories of blog posts, but are generally related to the outdoors and/or backpacking.

Stick tagged me on his blog to discuss my three favorite bushcraft items, which I gladly replied.

Once again I am tagged by Stick, this time for the Liebster Award.  Thanks again Stick for all the support and shout outs!

I love mushrooms, and when they are in season I make it a point to go out and harvest wild edible mushrooms.  You can check out a particularly good haul of wild fungi here.

Speaking of mushrooms, you can also check out some photography of mine focusing on a few beautiful but non-edible types of mushrooms that usually grow in abundance here in Sweden.

I finally break down and get a Facebook page for my blog. 

After getting 1,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel, I did an interactive give-away and then wrote up a response to 20 people that entered the contest.