For Noobs

For those that are new to backpacking, camping, the outdoors, etc., I have written a set of informative articles to help and encourage anyone interested in this wonderful world but is perhaps not as experienced.  Many of these articles were originally written as part of an information package of documents sent to new members of an outdoors club I started several years ago at a university I attended.  I hope they can provide a good set of knowledge to aid in any outdoors type experience for newcomers.  I welcome any questions or feedback.

You may want to start by reading this post, where I give general advice and tips to what I consider to be the three types of novice backpackers.  

I also highly recommend that you check out this excellent video on planning a backpacking trip by Dave Collins, AKA The Clever Hiker.  He also has a lot of other very helpful videos on his Youtube channel. 

Helpful info for newbies:

Gear 101: Basic Needs and Options

Different Styles of Camping

Sleeping in the Wild

A Reflection on Camping "Needs" 

A Reflection on Camping "Luxuries" or "Wants"

The Importance of Location

Regarding the Path Towards Lightweight Backpacking

Stuck at Home: General Preparation Tips

Backpacking on a Budget

Winter Backpacking

Build a cheap, easy, lightweight, and effective tarp shelter.  DIY!

More DIY: Make your own Ultralight summer sleeping bag and/or extra warm winter bag liner for about 40 bucks.

A discussion of physical fitness for long distance backpacking, including my work out routine for 2014. 

Ultralight backpacking does not have to be that expensive.  Check out my full UL gear list for summer/warm weather use with a total cost of 650.  And I didn't leave out fancy or durable gear either! 

How I deal with hard times during backpacking trips. 

Here's what's in my EDC (Every Day Carry), which is also my day hike pack, as of 2017.

Yet another "build a good UL gear list that is not too expensive" post but from 2017. Check it out here.

Here's what my typical day to day routines look like. 

Pros vs cons when it comes to some common UL gear choices.