The short version of my overall goals or point of this blog are:

1.  To create a website I wish I would have had access to when I started my journey as an outdoors enthusiast/backpacker/camper, long ago in the dark days before blogs existed.

2.  Document my continued development, experiences, trail guides, and what I have learned for myself and to share with others.

3.  Have an outlet to vent my nerdy backpacking obsessions and experiments, which are mostly centered around backpacking theory and gear.


About Me:

What's up?  I'm Cesar.  Nice to have you read my blog, thanks.  I have been extremely interested in nature and the outdoors since I was a small child, and started going camping/backpacking on my own when I was around 16 years old.  I was born in 1980 in Los Angeles, CA, to a Mexican father and Nicaraguan mother, and since have lived and traveled all over the world.  I have been living in Sweden since 2006 with my best friend and wife and our children, two healthy, happy, amazing boys that are the light of my life.

If you want a much longer/wall-o-text elaboration of my intentions, inspirations, and biography, you can read my long introduction to this blog here.

And here's my current LP: https://lighterpack.com/r/1ewzt3

Disclaimers and concerning advertisements, sponsorship, reviews, etc.:

Just for the record, the content of this blog is written solely by me, Cesar Valdez, and is done as a hobby and resource.  Copyright laws of course apply, and please do not duplicate my work without my permission.  I am not responsible for any damages (personal harm, financial loss, or otherwise) that might be suffered as a result of any information found on this blog or any advice/tips given via email.  This blog and any emails I write connected to this blog only reflect my own personal experiences, opinions, preferences, etc. regarding the topics that this blog focuses on (backpacking, nature, etc.).  I am not a "professional" backpacker.

I make no money off of this blog, and have never made any money on it in the past either.  And take note reader that there are no ads on this blog--in fact, I find ads on blogs annoying, not to mention most ads in general.  I am not sponsored by any company and have not received any free items from any company.  If I recommend any item or piece of gear, it is because I personally value it, and any of the recommendations and/or links to other companies and such is purely because I happen to enjoy or find the quality high in a given piece of gear.

Should any company wish to send me gear to review, they are welcome to, but be warned I will be honest and won't hold anything back simply because I have been sent a free thing to write about.

You can contact me via my Youtube channel (I try and be somewhat active with replies), or email me directly at the address below:

cesarvaldeziii ( a t ) gmail ( d o t ) com

Thanks to all my readers and those that support my efforts in any way.  Don't be shy should you want to contact me with any questions, concerns, or feedback.  Provided I have time (and I'm not out on a trail), I am happy to help out or try and have a productive dialog.  

Take care and I wish you happy trails out there.