Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Trip of 2013

Finally, I set off on my first overnight trip of the year.  I really had cabin fever, as I had been so busy with school and family in December that it was a rare month that went by without any backpacking trips--not even any significant day hikes.  This is a big deal for me.

I hiked roughly 15km total doing a loop of a small trail not too far away from where I live.  As I am about to bunker down as dusk fades into night, tent all set up, about to get my sleeping mat and bag in place, I decide to call my wife to see how she and my kids are doing.  She says that our youngest is not doing well, and I hear him crying in the background.  He got the flu and I reluctantly left home that morning because he seemed to be dealing with it alright at the time, and my wife gave me her blessing to go.

"You know what.  My tent is kinda messed up from all the snow and stuff, so I'll just come home."  This is a gross exaggeration--I couldn't get a tight pitch, so it was a little saggy, but it would have worked out fine to sleep in overnight.  I needed to say this because my wife may have insisted that I stay, knowing how much I wanted to complete my first trip.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah.  I'll pack up and come home."

With sore legs and in the dark I hiked another 4-5 more kilometers to the bus stop and went home.

Sometimes day trips are significant.


  1. Cesar, I know what you mean about having cabin fever... It had been since October since I got out for a hike until this past weekend. Also, due to all the birthdays, holidays and anniversaries coming up in the next month, it will be March before I get to get back out... but that is ok.

    I am sorry to hear about your son having the flu and hope that he gets better soon. It is really sad when the little ones get sick like that... My daughter just got over a tough case of sickness. She got 2 teeth pulled, which happened to be infected, then ended up getting strep throat on top of that. She was awful for a good solid week, but she is better now. I just wanted to hold her in my arms and take the sickness out of her though... it is tough when the little ones get sick.

    Anyway, great pictures as well. I love all the snow, which is something that we don't really get much of around here... I was hoping for some on my trip last weekend, but instead I got almost 70 F temps and rain... oh well, it was still good to get out!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Sorry to hear about your little girl having all the trouble, and glad she is better now. My little boy is much better now, though you said it best about just wanting to hold them and take all the sickness out. Such are the trails and tribulations of fatherhood.

      Thank you for your kind words. In the past I downright hated taking pictures on my trips. I felt it was a waste of time and took focus away from "being in the moment" while out there. I am starting to slowly change my mind about this however, after forcing myself to take more pictures, and being able to revisit those moments again looking at the picture.

      I love all the snow! A shame you got none, but I am sure in the future you will get some snow camp time in. Dealing with a lot of rain makes you learn a lot. Everyone knows that water takes the path of least resistance, but seeing for yourself how it accomplishes this feat is another matter altogether. Bet that new rain jacket of yours got put to good use.

      Thanks for reading and your perspectives! :)