Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Updates, Improvements, and Rambling

Happy New Year.

I have been very busy over the past few months and have not been able to get around to working on the many different posts that I have wanted to write.  Graduate school is challenging enough, but throw in raising a few very young children, the winter holiday season, and finding time for backpacking and the like (say nothing of writing about backpacking) can be quite tricky indeed.

Yet I finally got around to doing some much needed organizing and revamping of this blog, as you may have noticed.  In the future, and not sure yet in what order--it depends not just on time but also on what I am in the mood to write about--here is what I plan on focusing on:

   * General reflections on stoves/cooking, and my three favorite systems (spoiler: it's mostly titanium)

   * A re-evalutation and update on my thoughts and choice of footwear (spoiler: I have made the full switch to barefoot/minimal)

   * More trip reports on Bohusleden, of course!  I intend on finishing the trail no later than June of this year, as well as have the rest of the section guides written and posted here.

I got very few pieces of new gear over the holidays, just a few small things as gifts.  For my most active season--late spring to early fall--I am saving up for a few nice upgrades, which I will probably write about later on.  I also intend on doing some modifications on gear I already have to breathe new life into it and/or improve them (hopefully both), such as a silnylon bivy that I have not used in a while.

Sadly, one thing that will be a big change as far as my outdoor life goes is related to a point raised earlier about being busy.  I used to run an outdoors club at my university (which I also founded), and for a few years we had many trips and events, usually monthly (sometimes more).  A few months ago, however, I officially stepped down as the general secretary/main guide, and no one was able to take my place.  So this somewhat significant project of mine, which I was even given an award for to my surprise, is at best on ice and at worst on its death bed.  At least while it was around, it set out and accomplished most of its goals, so if this is the end it was not in vain.

Really really looking forward to getting out into the woods again.  I was able to sleep out there a total of 21 times in 2012, and hope to do the same or more this year.  After I finish Bohusleden, there are many more trails here in Scandinavia waiting for me.  I have my sights set on a few that I would also like to write companion guides for, which was a very rewarding experience--very much like the proverbial icing on the cake of a backpacking trail adventure.

Here's to hot chocolate, and the beauty of a frosted over landscape which lay before you.