Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Our Ultralight and Deluxe Cook Kit for Two

My wife and I are getting ready for another section hike, putting the finishing touches on our gear and food.  One kit we've been quite happy with over the years has been our cooking set-up, and we recently added a small but amazing upgrade to it: the option to drink fresh-brewed, real coffee!  So I'll break down all the items in the kit and offer some brief commentary as well.

There are 13 items total, and the total weight is 325g/11.5oz.  My wife carries her own bowl and spoon (72g/2.5oz), and I carry the rest (252g/9oz).
  • DIY ground cover (recycled aluminum pie pan), 3g
  • Titanium wind screen, 20g
  • Mini-Bic lighter, 12g
  • Half a Light Load towel, 7g
  • Titanium pot, 83g
  • Pot lid, 30g
  • Ebit Ti-Wing stove and mini-plastic baggie, 16g
  • Recycled plastic bag for pot, 8g
  • Sea to Summit Xcup, 45g
  • My spoon: Sea to Summit hardened aluminum, long-handle: 12g
  • Her spoon: Esbit titanium, long handle: 20g
  • Her bowl (DIY recycled plastic bottle and beer cozy), 52g
  • Finum Permanent Filter (size M), 18g
Our cooking routines go roughly as follows:

Breakfast: boil water for coffee, pour into wife's bowl (which is about 600ml), then each of us enjoy a nice cuppa while we eat a few granola bars and such.

Lunch: either eat no cook (especially if it's raining), or boil up water for a simple trail meal like ramen.

Dinner: boil up water for a slightly more involved trail meal like a stew, then if we want boil up a cup of tea to have with some chocolate (especially if there is a cold snap).

During longer breaks we also have random cups of coffee or tea if we want.

And that's about it, this one need only be short and sweet.  But if you haven't already, check out this video I shot as a compliment this post.  I go into a bit more detail and also pack up my pot to show off how compact and easy it is. And as always, short disclaimer: Still not sponsored, still no adds on my blog, still not a Youtube partner.  Peace!