Monday, December 23, 2013

Some Reflections and Future Plans

The past year had quite a lot going on for my little blog.  I've gotten a lot more total views than ever before, especially after finishing my guide to Bohusleden.  Thanks to anyone that keeps up with my humble ramblings, and I hope this place has been both helpful and enjoyable to read.  As far as gear goes, there have been a lot of changes to my gear lists too as I continue to really polish off details big and small, though there were not that many big changes when compared to some other gear-heads in the UL/SUL online community.  I really wanted to put the gear I have to the test, and overall I am pretty satisfied with my choices and how things performed.

There is always room for improvement, naturally.  So I did recently buy myself a few goodies, since it is the holiday season after all.  I won't say anything about these upgrades now, as I have a project in the works for 2014 as far as gear lists and discussion goes.  What I plan on doing is putting together a complete breakdown of my gear based on the biggest variables that cause my kits to change: temperature and location.  

I noticed in writing some of my previous gear lists and discussions that I would always have to clarify exceptions.  For example, in my 2013 1+ season (May to September) gear list, I noted that in the middle of peak summer conditions when the weather is warm, I will change out certain things--like a foam pad instead of my Neoair Xlite.  And if I am going off-trail and/or bushwhacking rather than following a marked trail, I will often take a tent, like my SMD Skyskape X, rather than my usual go-to shelter system which is a tarp (and more often than not, a bivy or bug net to go with it).  I'll elaborate more on these variables and such in my 2014 gear breakdown.

The next big plan--and far more important/meaningful to me--is hiking the entire Kungsleden in northern Sweden, as well as documenting this adventure with a guide/trip report in a similar style as I did with Bohusleden.  I am planning on doing three section hikes of the trail, the first one I'll hopefully complete in either early or late summer of 2014.  I am very excited about this project, and planning/research for it has of course already begun with great interest.

Aside from Kungsleden, local forests and trails will keep me busy next year too.  I am considering contacting some local authorities in my area to connect some of these local woodland trails, and also to do trail maintenance, some of which could really use it.  We'll see how that goes, it's entirely up to whoever is in charge of the trails in my area, so it might just end up being a nice idea in theory only.

Overall with my blog I have become pretty contended with its content and my efforts.  I have put together a pretty good little library of articles for those new to backpacking, lightweight and more experienced backpackers, and anyone who plans on hiking Bohusleden.  So the flow of new posts will probably go down in the future because I feel I have reached a lot of the goals I set out do when creating this blog, but of course I will still continue to update and write new content.  I am open to any suggestions that my readers might have as to what they would like to see me discuss, review, cover, etc.  So feel free to get in touch with me, either in comments or via email.

But for now, all that I have left to say is happy holidays to everyone, have a happy new year, and I hope you get out there and have more adventures while you can.