Sunday, April 26, 2015

Back to Back, Episode 5

Just a quick announcement that another part of my video series is up on Youtube: Back to Back, Episode 5: Section Hiking vs. Thru-Hiking.  This episode features Chad AKA Stick of Stick's Blog.  He's one of my favorite backpacking bloggers and Youtubers, and has a lot of great contributions, so be sure to check out him out if you haven't already.  I have nothing but nice things to say about the guy, both his content and as a person he's always been very friendly and helpful in our interactions.

Here is Part 1, where I set things up and ask Stick some questions:

And here's Part 2, where Chad responds:

I really enjoyed Chad's perspective on the topic and his answers to my questions, so rather than say too much here, I plan on doing another part to this episode where I reply to him and his points.  Overall I really appreciated his discussion, and was flattered by his kind words.  So thanks again Chad, and Part 3 I will try and get up sometime soon.

That's all for now, short and sweet.  Go watch the videos and feel free to join the discussion--in the comments here, on Youtube, and I like Chad's suggestion about even making a video reply, why not?

Peace out! 

Update 28/04/2015 - Just uploaded Part 3, check it out:



  1. Thanks for inviting me to do this series with you Cesar, as well as the kind words about my blog! I appreciate it... And look forward to your follow up!

    Happy trails...


    1. Right back at you brother! I'll let you know when Part 3 goes up.

      I was thinking you'd go for the MLD Duomid for a thru-hike, btw. Looking forward to hear more thoughts on that shelter. Seems really sweet, and lots of people rave about it.

  2. Hoppas du kom fram ordentligt till reservatet!
    Tack för en trevlig pratstund :)

    1. Kul att du hittade min blogg!

      Ja, jag hittade reservatet--men "raststuga" var jättedålig! Jag kommer skriva mer om detta i en rapport snart. Tack så mycket att du hjälpte mig, och för trevlig pratstund också! :)