Friday, July 24, 2015

My Summer 2015 Full Skin Out Gear (Base Pack + Clothing Worn) Breakdown

I recently uploaded a video where I discuss and show off all my gear and clothing for the rest of the summer (and perhaps early fall).  I have a few section hikes coming up that I am looking forward to, and this will be the set up I will take on them, but of course nothing is set in stone and things can change based on any given circumstances.  But I have a feeling that I won't change anything, as the weather has been pretty consistent as of late, and this set up is pretty flexible and can handle a wide range of conditions and temperatures.  As I said in the video, I could push it down to perhaps lows of 8-9C / 46-48F and be just fine, and from lows of 11C / 52F and up I'm very comfortable.

So first off, if you haven't seen the video yet, here it is:

And here are a few pictures of all the gear.  The first picture is everything all laid out, the second is the contents of my main body of my pack all packed up and in order of how I pack them (sleeping bag on the bottom and rain gear on top):

I'll begin with base pack weight:

Pack and extras
  • Zpacks Zero size small in hybrid Cuben - 335g / 11.8oz
  • Zpacks hip belt pocket - 21g / .7oz
  • Foam sit pad - 57g / 2oz
  • REI little compass and thermometer - 8g / .3oz

Contents of front pocket, side pockets, and hip belt pocket
  • SOL ground sheet and ziplock bag - 48g / 1.7oz
  • Water bottles (recycled plastic, x2) - 60g / 2.1oz
  • Mini diddy bag (compass, whistle, mini LED light, cord, cleaning cloth) - 28g / 1oz
  • Maps and ziplock bag - 40g / 1.4oz
  • Mora knife and sheath - 104g / 3.7oz
  • Sunblock cream - 75g / 2.6oz
  • Bug spray (half full) - 40g / 1.4oz
  • Bug head net and mini sack - 35g / 1.2oz
  • First aid kit and repair kit - 147g / 5.2oz
  • Diddy bag (toiletries, head lamp, useful little stuff like spare cordage, etc.) - 158g / 5.6oz
  • Thin nylon rope, 10m - 45g / 1.6oz
  • Lip balm - 10g / .3oz
  • Wallet, cord, contents - 22g / .8oz
  • Dump bag - 8g / .3oz
  • Cook kit - 162g / 5.7oz
  • Small fuel bottle - 15g / .5oz
  • Spoon - 12g / .4oz
  • Camera, case, spare battery - 174g / 6.1oz
  • Cell phone - 64g / 2.3oz
  • Sawyer mini (dry) - 50g / 1.8oz
  • Platypus bladder - 25g / .9oz
  • Small plastic cup - 12g / .4oz
  • Tent stakes (Ti Shepard's hooks) and sack - 80g / 2.8oz
  • Ridge lines and 2 mini-carabiners in small ziplock bag - 30g / 1oz 

Contents of main pack body
  • Nemo Zor (size short) - 270g / 9.5oz
  • Golite poncho/tarp and ziplock bag - 205g / 7.2oz
  • Food bag (8 liter silnylon drybag) - 35g / 1.2oz
  • Zpacks 1.0 Cuben fiber tarp, 6 x 9, guy lines and stuff sack - 245g / 8.6oz
  • MLD Serenity bug tent solo, silnylon floor, and stuff sack -  345g / 12.2oz
  • Cuben fiber stuff sack for packed clothing - 13g / .4oz
  • Silk base layer top - 102g / 3.6oz
  • Silk base layer bottom - 97g / 3.4oz
  • Silk sleep socks and mini stuff sack (so they don't stink things up) - 25g / .9oz
  • DIY fleece pillow case - 35g / 1.2oz
  • REI Flash inflatable pillow - 35g / 1.2oz
  • Merino wool beanie - 30g / 1oz
  • Borah Gear down vest - 105g / 3.7oz
  • El Saco Verde MYOG sleeping bag and stuff sack - 298g / 10.5oz

Total base pack weight: 3705g / 8.17lbs

Clothing Worn
  • Baseball cap - 87g / 3oz
  • Merino wool socks - 40g / 1.4oz
  • Synthetic boxer shorts - 87g / 3oz
  • Merino wool t-shirt - 144g / 5.1oz
  • Merino wool scarf - 54g / 1.9oz
  • Synthetic running pants - 270g / 9.5oz
  • Possumdown wrist/arm warmers - 32g / 1.1oz
  • Zpacks windshirt, size large - 58g / 2oz
  • MLD eVent gaiters, size short - 60g/ 2.1oz
  • Converse All Stars shoes - 840g / 29.6oz

Total clothing worn: 1672g / 3.69lbs

Full skin out weight: 5377g / 11.85lbs

*Update (just a few hours after posting): D'oh!  Forgot to include my gaiters in my clothing worn.  Fixed that and also the FSO total.  Also fixed up some formatting.

*Update 26/07/2015: Added some relevant links. 


  1. Love your setup. Sub 12 pound FSO-BW you barely feel it on your back.
    What impress me most is that it seems quite versatile, you can do most types of trips with this in your pack, with a few tweaks if you go to the mountains.

    I recently broke my personal record when I spent a full weekend with a sub 10 pound full skin out total packweight. It just work for 1-2 season hikes though.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and glad you dig my setup! I just got back from a section hike (and first packrafting trip!) yesterday with this set up and was very happy with it. And yeah, the core of this set up only needs a few changes for it to work for 3 season. I just need to add one of my Zpacks down bags, one of my Neoairs, and a few extra layers all based on the temps out.

      I'd be interested to see pics of your kit and/or your trip. Cool list! I am especially interested in that modded STS daypack. I gave a daypack to a friend of mine (HMG Cuben Summit pack) and she used/uses it as her overnight pack and it seems to work great, though she added some simple shoulder strap pads to make it more comfy.