Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Updates

Just a quick post with some updates on what's going on with my blog.  

The big change as of late is that I have started to upload some videos onto Youtube, and have put a link to my channel in the tabs above.  I have several more videos in the works, but right now I have been too busy to create them.  But there will be more on the way eventually.  I was reluctant to do the whole Youtube thing, but so far I have to say I have been plesantly surprised by the experience, and it's a great addition to my blog.  

My next video will probably be all about the often challenging issue of shoes for long distance hiking, and I'll also go into more detail on my past and current shoes of choice for a given situation/trip.  As of now, my most popular text on this blog is still my exploration of minimalist/barefoot shoes, which you can check out to the right along with the rest of my most popular posts.

I want to give another big thanks and shout out to Chad from Stick's blog.  He's been very supportive of my efforts on my blog and now with my videos, and continues to make great content on his own blog and Youtube channel.  He recently made a video of my fake pad Thai recipe, which you can check out here.  And if you want to check out his blog, there is a link to the right under the "Helpful Backpacking Links" section.

I have done most of the planning for my next few trips on the E1, and looks like my next section hike will be sometime in late August.  It will cover about 100km and roughly one-third of the next E1 trail, Bergslagsleden.  I will most likely do three reports on this trail, which is 280km long, plus an additional 30km for the last section (going north) of Västra Vätterleden.  I have heard a lot of good things about this area of Sweden, and one of my favorite trips on the E1 thus far was my last one from Hjo to Karlsborg.  So I'm really looking forward to this trail, and can't help but have some higher expectations that I hope are met or surpassed.

After drooling over what ought to be several excellent pieces of gear from Zpacks for quite some time now, I finally put in a big order and am super excited about it.  I will keep the contents of my package a surprise for now, but there will be a "first impressions" review coming up--maybe even in the form of a video.  So keep your eyes peeled if you are a Gram Geek (which odds are high if you're reading this).  I got my notification last week that the package is on the way, so it should be here soon (I hope!).  I will give one clue--now that my wife wants to get more into wilderness backpacking and come along with me on more trips, let's just say that's all the excuse I needed to get a nearly identical piece of gear that I already own for us to share.

For the next few weeks however, I am taking a small break from both backpacking and my online life.  I'll of course try and answer any emails or comments that might pop up if I can, but I won't be as active as I usually am.  Just very busy with other things in my life right now, most of which are very good things, and things should simmer down towards the end of the summer.  So for now have a nice summer, thanks for checking out my blog and now Youtube channel, and I hope that you are able to get out into nature this season (and all seasons!).

Take care, be safe, and go jump into a body of water of your choice!